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A Wedding Planner's Worth

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Why are wedding planners so expensive?

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Hiring a wedding planner can release an enormous amount of stress off of your shoulders while planning your big day. Ever wonder why it seems like you are paying SO much for this service? Here’s why:

According to WeddingWire’s 2019 Wedding Report, only 27% of couples hire a wedding planner, with the most popular being a day-of-coordinator. The average cost of a wedding planner is $1,850 but may differ based on their location, services, and expertise.

A planner may offer many different packages including full-service, partial service, and day-of coordination. Here is a list of the many services you receive when paying for a full-service planner:


Communication with you and the vendors you choose is key to making a wedding run smoothly. A wedding planner will make sure all vendors are accounted for and your payments are made on time. The hours spent on calls, emails and meetings really add up. A planner may also step in when there are disagreements and will settle any disputes between family members and other important people.

Venue Selection & Tours

A full-service planner will be able to suggest venues based on your preferences, style, and theme. They will go on tours with you to ensure everything will run smoothly in that space on your big day.

Vendor Selection & Meetings

A planner will help you select the right vendors for your wedding. They will attend meetings with you and be the in-between for communicating with them. A wedding planner will also negotiate contracts and ensure you are getting the services you need.


This includes contracts, budget, timelines, logistics, name it!

Wedding Day Preparation

The planner will likely take care of all of your minor needs that you may not think of including stationary wording & design, decorations, vendor arrival and departure times, and much more.

Day-Of Coordination

Your planner will more than likely be on-site on the day of your wedding to ensure all vendors are on time, in place, and ready when all of the attention turns to you. They will oversee set-up, break-down, and everything in between. They make sure the day runs smoothly and there are no meltdowns from the bride, groom, or even worse...the mother of the bride or groom!


The work isn’t done after the wedding is over. The planner will oversee returns on rental items, ensure you have sent out thank-you cards, and follow up with important guests and vendors.

Business Expenses

On top of the services you are paying for, your planner needs to pay their bills just like you do. You help them keep their business up and running, and they appreciate you more than you know.

Now considering all of these benefits and the numerous hours that you planner invests into you and your big day, $1,850 seems very reasonable. Again, this price will differ based on your location and the expertise of the planner, but now you know what you’re paying for.

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