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Pros & Cons of Using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Pinterest is a beautiful, but dangerous place when you are a newly engaged bride or groom starting to plan your wedding. You start pinning, and all of a sudden three hours have passed...and you haven't accomplished a thing! You ended up pinning wedding stuff, but also recipes, cute puppy photos, and DIYs! Using Pinterest for wedding planning is a blessing and a curse, so while you are scrolling on Pinterest, be sure to keep in mind your style, your budget, your vendors, and these pros and cons to using Pinterest for wedding planning...

Pro: General Inspiration

Pinterest can be a great place to get some general inspiration. If you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can send photos or a Pinterest board to your florist, designer, and planner so that they can give you accurate quotes, or create a design similar to the one you are interested in.

Con: Who/what is the source of this design?

Pins on Pinterest are often not properly tagged. It may just be a photo without a link to a website which makes it tough to find where the product came from or who to contact to aquire the product you are looking for. On the bright side, it can be a good reference to send to your vendors who may be able to replicate or create something based on the product you found!

Pro: Find your style

Pinterest is a great place to find your style if you are lost when it comes to colors, themes, etc. You can visualize different color schemes, wedding themes, reception layouts, stationery...literally almost anything! Pinterest is filled with great inspiration photos to find your style which can give your vendors something to jump off of to create a one-of-a-kind wedding that is unique to you.

Con: Addictive

I don't know if you've ever been on Pinterest, but I can spend HOURS scrolling and pinning DIYs, recipes, wedding designs, gift get it. The list is never ending. Pinterest is ADDICTIVE! If you go on Pinterest for some inspo, give yourself a time limit or a specific goal that you want to accomplish so that you don't end up mindlessly scrolling through images of dessert bars or bridal bouquets.

Pro: Locate vendors who sell products & services you are looking for if tagged properly

If pins are tagged properly, you may be able to find and purchase unique products and services that you may want to have at your wedding. Shopping on Pinterest is amazing, and you may be able to find stationery, favors, or designs that you love that fit right into your style and budget.

Con: You could end up with more than you want & need

You saw it on Pinterest, so you want to hang string lights in the tree, but you also want to hang a photo booth background from the tree, but you also want to put florals around the base of the tree. Do you see where I'm going here? There is only one tree, but Pinterest gave you so many ideas of what to do to dress that tree up that you have TOO MUCH! Pinterest can make your wedding too busy. If you follow through with everything you like on Pinterest, you will complicate the entire day, and end up with more work than you bargained for...and it might not look good.

Con: False Expectations (a.k.a. Sticker Shock!)

Pinterest worthy weddings are EXPENSIVE! It's not hard to rack up a bill of thousands & thousands of dollars just for your flowers. When you're scrolling & pinning on Pinterest, make sure you are aware of how much you have to spend, and what your budget can buy.

Pinterest is a wonderful tool to use for so many different aspects of life. Like I said before, I use it for DIYs, recipes, gift ideas, and literally everything in my life! Using Pinterest for wedding planning can be a blessing and a curse, so be aware of these pros and cons so that you're not disappointed in the end.

Tell me, do/did you use Pinterest while planning your wedding? Comment below!

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