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Vendor Spotlight: Silver City Mobile Taproom

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking with Beth Cable, half of the husband and wife team behind Silver City Mobile Taproom out of York, Pennsylvania. We had an opportunity to discuss what their mobile taproom is all about and how it plays into the wedding industry.

About Silver City Mobile Taproom

Silver City Mobile Taproom is a fully insured mobile tap and bar offering 6 fully refrigerated taps that can hold your favorite beer, wine, hard ciders, signature cocktails, soda, iced name it! Their taproom is decorated with chalkboards and even a tv to play video or display images for your guests to view while they wait in line for an ice cold beverage. They also offer bartenders to mix cocktails on site on the day of your event in addition to whatever is on tap.

Silver City Mobile Taproom services weddings, and parties of all sizes. You can rent their unit for your community block party, bachelor(ette) party, graduation, or corporate event.

How Does it Work?

Silver City Mobile Taproom does not provide alcohol. You will rent the unit from them, you will choose and pay for your own beer, wine, etc, and they offer to pick it up on the day of your event from a distributor of your choosing and bring it to your venue for their bartenders to serve to your guest - all while keeping your beverages ice cold.

Why a Mobile Tap?

During their own wedding and the wedding of their daughter, Beth and her husband realized the trouble that came with supplying your own beverages at your wedding. You have to haul them in at the beginning of the day along with all of that ice to make sure everything stays cold. It is time consuming, and let's be is tiring! Carrying case after case of beer makes you want to take a nap!

Beth and her husband started Silver City Mobile Tap to relieve this stressor (and time consuming component) that couples and their families could experience on their wedding or event day. Renting their mobile taproom means that you will have cold beverages ready to drink as soon as they arrive.

What to Consider While Booking

While searching for and talking to mobile tap owners and businesses, you always want to make sure that they are willing to make your dream become reality. They should be able to work with you to ensure everything you want (not what they want - unless what you want is illegal!) is satisfied and try their best to offer you services that are within your budget. Another important aspect to consider when hiring any wedding vendor is their personality. It is always easier to work with a vendor when you mesh well together!

As with every wedding vendor, you should always have questions when you are making purchasing decisions. Here are a few questions you should be asking mobile tap owners before booking:

  1. What's included in the rental fee?

  2. What experience do you have?

  3. What is the cost?

  4. What drinks can we use in the taps?

How Much Does it Cost?

When you book with Silver City Mobile Taproom, you can expect to spend around $850 on their basic package. This price point will allow you to rent the unit for 5 hours with 2 bartenders provided (1 for events with less than 75 guests). It also includes all travel up to 50 miles from their home base. This price does not include any alcohol - you have to supply all of your own alcohol.

A mobile taproom is a vendor that you don't see at many weddings, but I believe may be an upcoming trend in the weddings and events industries. If you want to impress your guests and add a unique touch to your wedding day (and take an item off of your wedding day to-do list), I would highly recommend renting a mobile tap - specifically Silver City Mobile Taproom serving the South Central PA and Northern MD areas.

Did you have a mobile tap at your wedding? Are you interested in having one now? Comment below!

Silver City Mobile Taproom

South Central PA & Northern MD


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