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The Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

So you’ve been chosen to be your best friend's maid of what? Although there are many duties that come along with this important title, your biggest concern is taking care of the bride emotionally. Be there for her when she needs someone to talk to, de-stress with, or just asks a favor of you.

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Here is a list of your concrete duties as Maid of Honor:

Before the Wedding

  1. Plan the bridal shower

  2. Plan the bachelorette party

  3. Keep track of the gifts received at pre-wedding parties

  4. Lead the bridesmaids

  5. Coordinate hair & makeup

  6. Coordinate transportation & accommodations

  7. Assist bride with wedding planning

  8. Dress shopping with bride

  9. Caterer & bakery tastings

  10. Addressing invitations

  11. Choosing music

  12. Prepare a toast for the rehearsal dinner

  13. Prepare a toast for the wedding reception

Wedding Day

Before the Ceremony

  1. Be the bride’s messenger

  2. Guide guests and answer questions

  3. Organize vendors

During the Ceremony

  1. Arrange bride’s train and veil

  2. Hold the bride’s bouquet

After the Ceremony

  1. Witness and sign marriage license

  2. Bustle bride’s dress for reception

  3. Be sure the bride eats and is hydrated

  4. Help the bride use the bathroom

  5. Store gifts & cards at reception safely

  6. Help the bride change and store her dress until after the honeymoon

Keep in mind that the bride may not need you to do all of these things, as she may want to do some of the pre-wedding activities on her own. ALSO keep in mind though that she may want you to do all of these things and then some. Keep the bride calm and be sure the wedding runs smoothly. The bride will appreciate all of your hard work and loyalty to her.

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