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Vendor Spotlight: Cinemarvel Films

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Recently, I was fortunate enough to take a little bit of time to talk with wedding videographer & film maker Cristian Velez at CINEMARVEL FILMS based in the New York/New Jersey area. CINEMARVEL FILMS has been in business for over four years and offers both wedding films and photography, but Cristian gets the most fulfillment out of telling love stories through his films.

About Cristian Velez, the Face Behind CINEMARVEL FILMS

Cristian is married and has two daughters. Running CINEMARVEL FILMS used to be a part time job for him while he worked in fine dining, but when the pandemic hit, he began creating wedding films full time.

When Cristian got one of his first cameras over 10 years ago, he began filming his daughter's life from birth all the way until she was 7 years old. When he edited all of the short clips together to create a film capturing her first seven years of life, his passion for creating memories and telling stories through video began.


One of the most important things that couples should know before booking a videographer for their wedding is their style. Cristian likes to be sure his couples have watched at least four of his films before they decide to book services with him. He wants them to be familiar with his style in filming and in editing.

Cristian loves to tell stories, and this is his style when it comes to creating films. He wants to tell the love story of each couple and to capture their organic emotions. To capture a story so authentically, not all clips are in chronological order from getting ready to ceremony to reception, but rather Cristian puts together clips together like a puzzle in a way that best tells the story of the couple.

When it comes to the wedding day and actually filming, Cristian likes to take a fly on the wall approach. He doesn't want to be intrusive or right in front of your face during special moments. He wants couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy their wedding day.

About Film Making at CINEMARVEL FILMS

When couples book CINEMARVEL FILMS to capture their wedding, Cristian offers them a save the date video session where they can interact and get to know each other, while Cristian can see their personalities, and loosen the couple up in front of the camera to make it much less awkward on the wedding day! This short film that Cristian puts together for save the date sessions also allows couples to see his work before their wedding day and build trust with them. See a save the date film below:

When Cristian first started making films, he would create them like music videos, but later on realized that in order to truly tell a story, you need to use audio including reading of cards, first look reactions and emotions, vows, and speeches.

Cristian's process of editing a complete 6-8 minute wedding film can take up to 15 hours! Once all of the film and audio is captured on the wedding day, he listens to every audio clip and watches every video clip to put the pieces together like a puzzle. He moves clips around to best tell the couple's love story.

You might be wondering why putting together a 6-8 minute video can take up to 15 hours! Cristian takes his time to make sure he delivers a fun and entertaining film that couples will want to watch over and over again and be proud to share with their family and friends.

Packages & Delivery

CINEMARVEL FILMS offers many different packages and a la carte items for couples to choose from. One of the best parts about the packages offered, is that couples can book the lowest package, but can upgrade their package at any time within a year after their wedding. Cristian keeps all raw footage on hand for one year just in case couples want to purchase special clips of their wedding day like speeches. Cristian records everything as if he was hired for the largest package so that his couples have the option to upgrade.

The Essentials Package that CINEMARVEL FILMS offers includes 8 hours of coverage on the wedding day, a 3-4 minute highlight, and a full ceremony edit for $2,000.

The most popular package, though, is the Silver Package. This includes 8 hours of coverage on the wedding day, a 7-8 minute short film, a second shooter, and a full ceremony edit for $2,700.

Cristian delivers all films digitally (CDs and thumb drives are a thing of the past, aren't they!?), and usually delivers the full film within 6-8 weeks of the wedding. Any additional edits and a la carte items may take a bit longer, but if you purchased a package with a teaser, you can have that within 48 hours of your wedding!

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