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Here you will find resources for planning your wedding every step of the way. This is just one of the few ways we can thank you for choosing Knees Up Events for your wedding!


For inspiration on all things wedding,
visit our Pinterest profile!


Download ALL of the planning resources in one packet!

Use this to keep track of all of your vendors & payments.

Make sure every detail is accounted for!

Don't know where to draw the line while creating your guest list?

Keep track of your bridal party, and keep all of their contact info in one place.

This is how to word your wedding invitations.

Keep all of your honeymoon plans in one place.

How much alcohol will you need at your reception?

Figure out how much cake you need for your guest count.

Keep track of which table each guest will sit at during the reception.

Grab these emergency kit items for your big day...just in case!

Plan out your wedding day, step by step.

Which vendors get tips? How much should I tip them?

In what order to we walk down the aisle?

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