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The Content Creator addition to your wedding management package is great if you are not hiring a professional videographer, don’t want to rely on guests to send you photos and videos after the wedding, or simply can’t wait weeks to get your professional photos and video back!

So what is a content creator? We provide an additional staff member to tag along on the wedding day who is dedicated strictly to taking photos and videos of the entire day, from getting ready to grand exit and everything in between. This includes not only the bride and groom, but the guests, vendors, and behind the scenes of the entire day. This allows you to relive the entire wedding day, not only from your own point of view, but many others as well!

  • Hours of coverage equivalent to your Wedding Management Package

  • Unlimited photo and video, as content creator sees fit

  • Private, shareable Google Photos album with all content

  • Content uploaded to Google Photos within 24 hours of content creator departure from wedding

How to Book: Mention this add-on in your initial inquiry OR we will chat about it during our phone consultation!

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