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I have a venue coordinator, do I still need a wedding planner?

Short answer - yes. A venue coordinator is employed by the venue and they are focused on managing their own staff and making sure the venue facilities are available and ready for you to use. A wedding planner is focused entirely on you and your wedding.


What does a wedding planner do during the wedding?

We will be there from the time your first vendor arrives until your last vendor departs (package dependent). We will ensure the wedding day timeline is followed, and that all vendors and important people are on time and guided in the right direction. We strive to create an environment where couples, their families, their bridal parties, and every single one of their guests don't have to worry about a thing leading up to & on the big day. We want you to focus on what is really important: celebrating!


Are you insured?

Yes! Knees Up Events is covered by both general liability and professional liability insurance.


Where can we learn more about you?

Follow my business Instagram @kneesup_events and my personal Instagram @k8_where to learn more about my business and my personal life. I love making connections outside of weddings. 


What do you do before the wedding?

Before the wedding, we help manage your vendors and their needs while developing a timeline for the wedding weekend and ensure we stick to that timeline as close as possible. We are available to answer questions regarding your wedding planning as needed. 


How many weddings do you plan?

To ensure we satisfy all of our couples needs, we take on only one wedding per weekend per planner for all of our packages.


Do you work with same-sex couples?

Yes! I will work with any couple who wants to celebrate love & marriage!

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