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10 Ways to Honor Passed Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Weddings are supposed to be uplifting and happy occasions to celebrate your love with your family and friends but they can be a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones. There are many different ways to include them in your special day!

Here are 10 ways you can honor your loved ones that can’t be there on your big day:


Family pictures

Decorating with old family photos is a creative way to include your loved ones in your wedding! You can decorate your reception area with old photos or have a small table and scrapbook for guests to look at during the reception.

Incorporate a flower that reminds you of them into your bouquet or floral arrangements

Incorporating a flower that reminds you of them or their favorite flower is another

great way to include your loved ones in your wedding. Having a flower that reminds you of them in your bouquet is a subtle way to incorporate them into your wedding.

Include a note in your program

Another more subtle way to include them in your wedding is to write a note in your program. Guests will be able to read it while waiting for the ceremony to start and you will always have their memory in the program that you keep!


Reserve a seat in their honor

Save a seat for your passed loved ones! To do this, you can either decorate their chair with objects that remind you of them, with a framed picture, or with a name card.

Moment of silence at the altar

Having a moment of silence will allow all of your guests to remember your loved ones along with you. If you want to share this moment with your guests, have a moment of silence before proceeding with the ceremony.

Light a candle

Another option to honor your loved ones is to light one (or many) candles in their honor. This can be done at any time, whether you want to light it alone before the wedding ceremony starts or with your guests at the ceremony or reception.


Play a song that reminds you of them

Playing a song that reminds you of them is a great way to honor them while still keeping the mood light-hearted and fun. It can either be an upbeat song to celebrate their life or a slower song that your guests can dance with a partner to.

Have a dance in their honor

Another dance related option is having a specific dance in their honor. You can either have the dance with your significant other or have your guests join the dance floor as well.

Name a drink after them

Naming a drink after your loved one is a perfect way to include them in your special day! You can serve a drink that was one of their favorites or create one that reminds you of them.

Release balloons or lanterns into the sky

Releasing balloons or lanterns in the sky is a fun way to honor your loved ones. You can write their name(s) on the items before you release them or do a short speech before releasing.

How did you honor your lost loved ones at your wedding? Comment below!

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