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Pros & Cons of a First Look

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

If you're planning a wedding, your photographer and other vendors might ask you if you want to do a first look. If you don't know what that is, it is when the couple sets aside time before the ceremony to see each other, have an intimate moment, and get some photos taken. It is a time saver and many couples are opting to incorporate a first look into their wedding day timeline. Here are a few pros and cons of having a first look at your wedding...

Pro: More Time for Photos

When couples don't do a first look, they are stuck taking photos between the ceremony and the reception while the guests enjoy the cocktail hour. This puts a time crunch on the couple, the wedding party, the families, and the photographer.

Doing a first look before the ceremony will allow more time to have fun while taking photos and capture more special moments.

Con: Early Riser

With a first look, comes an earlier time for you to be completely ready. You will have to be ready to take photos a few hours before the ceremony, so you may have to wake up a tad bit earlier to ensure everything is ready for the big day.

Pro: Ease Nerves

When you see your soon-to-be husband or wife at the altar, you might feel VERY nervous. You might shed some (many) tears. Doing a first look can ease those nerves and allow you to share this special moment with your closest family and friends.

Con: No Special Moment at Altar

If you do a first look, you will not have that special moment at the altar where you see your soon-to-be husband/wife for the first time all done up, anxious for the "I do" moment. If you want to make the moment more dramatic, filled with emotions and tears, I would not recommend doing a first look.

Pro: Intimate Moment

Doing a first look may allow you and your soon-to-be husband/wife to share an intimate moment before any guests arrive. To make the moment very intimate and personal, I recommend doing it with just the two of you and your photographer & videographer to capture all of the emotions.

Con: Might be Awkward

If you choose to do your first look with your entire wedding party and both of your families, it might get a little awkward. You might feel forced to have certain emotions or make certain facial expressions. If you want to do a first look with your loved ones surrounding you, try to be as genuine as possible.

Pro: Enjoy the Reception

The best pro of them all for doing a first get to enjoy more of your reception! Since you got all of your portraits out of the way before the ceremony, you have more time to hit the dance floor. A lot of couples choose to do a first look and skip the cocktail hour to save more time for dancing if they have a wedding later in the evening.

Did you do a first look at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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