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4 Unique Vendors You NEED to have at Your Wedding

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Your wedding should be an event that is unique to you and your spouse. You can customize your wedding in so many different ways from the decor to the food to the music, but there are a few unique vendors that I'd like to point out here that will make your wedding one to remember.

1. Beer Burro

I was coordinating a wedding in the fall of 2019, and the guest of honor was...a donkey! The donkey was decorated with flowers and signs and roamed around the property with a pack full of beer on it's back. It was a hit! The guests loved that there was always beer available and close by. The couple also got to take some amazing & unique photos with the donkey (see above)!

Don't worry...the donkey is accompanied by a couple of very friendly people who will keep the packs stocked and ensure all droppings are cleaned up.

Little Ass Productions

2. Live Painter

Have you ever been to the beach and on the boardwalk you see an artist doing a live spray painting? You are almost obligated to stop and watch as many people are mesmorized by the talent and sponteneity of the painter. Imagine having something like that at your wedding.

You will not regret having a live painter at your wedding. Live painters can capture a single moment on your wedding day and deliver a piece of art to you that you will cherish forever!

3. Bar / Traveling Tap

Mobile bars are the new trend! A mobile bar is a small touch that you can add to your wedding that your guests will love. Mobile bar can be antique cars or renovated trailers and can often be dressed up to match the style of your special day.

Silver City Mobile Taproom

4. Child Care

"I can't make it. I can't find a sitter." We've all heard that before from our friends with kids, but your wedding is not something they should have to miss!

I know, I know. Child care is not something you want to be thinking about leading up to your wedding day, but all of your guests with children will appreciate & take advantage of this. Having a child care vendor on your wedding day allows your guests with children to truly enjoy your day, and still have their children on the premises.

Did you have any unique vendors at your wedding? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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